Welcome to Project Widestreet 28

Project Widestreet 28 is an NFT project out of Copenhagen, the furniture design capital of the world. Our first two collections can already be purchased on Opensea. Scroll down and read more about our uniquely designed 3D chairs for the Metaverse. 


The Widestreet project is created by Virsabi, a Danish VR/AR studio. We are experts in 3D models and experiences in VR/AR. We figured doing some cool collectables for the metaverse would be fun. NFT owners gain access to the real 3D models for the chairs and can use these in private, digital contexts. Widestreet is a playground for us to explore the NFT space and provide some cool value to the community. 

The Duck chair in chocolate. NFT collection by widestreet.io
The Duck NFT collection by Widestreet. The banana chair.
The Duck NFT collection by Widestreet.io. Watermelon chair
The Duck by Widestreet. Brick chair NFT


The Duck is a collection of 111 uniquely designed chairs in different types of material. They all suit the Metaverse, and you will always be able to sit in a comfy chair in your home space. 

The Duck is only the beginning. We will launch more collections in the future and add utilities to our NFTs for our NFT-holders to benefit from. The Duck collection will drop in batches on OpenSea during Q2-Q3 2022. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated.





Make sure to keep your wallet safe, assuming you picked the right one for you. Do your homework, my friend!

Why OpenSea? Because we are many there, and it seems to work for the many!

We will keep posting the latest on our Twitter and other social channels, so do come along. Here we also announce messages about upcoming drops and design events in Copenhagen.


You might be a NFT collecter or your may be a metaverse newbie – we will keep it as real as we can… Meet us in metaverse – or in Copenhagen! We are not hiding!

We are just getting started, but we will stay original and artistic in everything we do! Promise!


Get yourself an NFT now

The first batch of our chairs has been launched on Opensea. The price is only ETH 0,01. Visit our channel and get your very own duck chair now.


We are just getting started. Our roadmap is in the making, and we will add new features and value for our NFT holders in the time to come. 

Early May 2022
Drop of first batch

In early May 2022 we will drop the first batch of the duck on Opensea. We will keep you updated on Twitter with the exact date

End May 2022
Drop of second batch

By the end May 2022 we will drop more chairs from the collection. The collection is 111 chairs in total, and we will drop a larger batch of them in the second half of May

June 2022
Full collection drops

In June 2022 we will drop the remaining chairs from the collection and get to 111 NFTs released. 

Q3 2022
New items and benefits

We are already working on a future collection, and we will airdrop a few NFTs to some of our existing NFT holders from The Duck. 

We have a strong presence in the design and furniture space in Denmark, and local NFT holders may see offline benefits like fair tickets etc. coming their way. And for the rest of you - we will strive to deliver cool benefits to you as well. Stay tuned for more. 


The first batch of the collection dropped on Opensea in early May 2022.

Each NFT costs 0,01 ETH + gas fee and can be bought on Opensea

No, we don’t have a Discord. We find most of you are already part of enough Discords, so use our Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated.

Yes. Check the roadmap section on this page.

As an NFT owner you gain access to the 3D model for the chair you own. Further down the road, we plan to add other utilities to the NFTs. Stay tuned on Twitter for more.

Widestreet is our playground, and it serves two needs. Provide value to the NFT owners through utilities and fund the project and community for us to build more fun projects for the metaverse.